• Flesh tones are built up using multiple overlapping layers of opaque and transparent colors in three major steps.
  • Values (range of dark to light) are established first.
  • Next the overall tone of the color is adjusted.
  • Lastly, the color is enhanced by using pastels and with final highlights.
  • Colors are applied and built up in layers from dark to light.
  • The darkest value used is the base.
  • The base color is ultimately seen as shadows.
  • Usually the entire area is painted the base color.
  • The medium value is the fill.
  • The purpose of the fill is to give a section its overall color and to begin shading.
  • Recessed and undercut areas are not painted with the fill (or are only slightly misted) so that the base color remains visible and is seen as shadow.
  • The lightest value used is the highlight.
  • The highlight is used sparingly.
  • It creates the illusion of a source of light and is used to accent the form (bumps, bulges, ridges and protrusions).
  • Figures are primed using a rust/brick colored primer.
  • MARS RED and BURNT SIENNA look very similar to the primer and is applied to any areas not well covered by the primer, especially undersides and recesses.

Kit is primed with Rust/Brick colored primer, MARS RED is applied to recesses to create natural shadows.

LEATHER TAN is used as the first fill color.

Flesh Tone values are built using 2/1 mix of SEMI-TRANSPARENT GK FLESH and LEATHER TAN.


Overall color and tone is adjusted using light applications of GOLD TONE, SEPIA (used for shadows) TRANSPARENT PALE FLESH, TRANSPARENT NICOTINE YELLOW, and TRANSPARENT VIVID ORANGE.

Pastels are used to add shading and warmth to cheeks, neck, chest, thighs, arms and elbows.

An equal mix of SEMI-TRANSPARENTt GK FlLESH and SEMI-TRANSPARENT VIRGIN FLESH are used to punch up highlights.

Eyes are based with GRAVESTONE GRAY and a touch of DENIM BLUE.

Sclera is highlighted with GRAVESTONE GRAY. Pink watercolor is used along the edges of the eyelids.

Equal amounts of MARS RED, GK FLESH and TRUE RED were used to base the lips.

Burnt Umber WC was brushed to set the iris size and position, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Burnt Sienna and Titanium White WC was mixed for a light skin tone and used to highlight the philtrum (ridges above lip).

Watercolor used to highlight the iris add striations, and add a highlight to the sclera.

The same 3 lip colors were mixed in lighter values to highlight the lips.

Light texture was added to the eyebrows.

Black watercolor was used on the upper eyelashes.

The hair is brushed in DARK BROWN, allowing the lighter ridges of the primer to show through.

MEDIUM AFRICAN FLESH is used as a fill color then dry brushed with a mix of Yellow Oxide and Raw Sienna Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics.

CHESTNUT is misted to give the hair its final color.

The blouse was based with NATURAL BONE, then mixED with PURE WHITE to be used for highlights.

Horizontal and vertical stripes were brushed painted with a SPICE TAN, BONE WHITE mix.

Squares where stripes overlap were brushed using the same mix of SPICE TAN and BONE WHITE, with a little TOFFEE BROWN added.

Strokes of slightly different values were used to imply the fabric texture.

White Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic was dry brushed along the top edge to accent folds.

OFF WHITE was lightly misted overall to soften and unify the color.

The body shirt was based with TIE IN BROWN.

A mix of TIE IN BROWN and OLIVE GREEN was used as a fill color.

OLIVE GREEN applied as a lighter fill color.

TRANSPARENT RICH BROWN was lightly misted overall but heavier from below.

The trim was brushed with TRANSPARENT BLACK GREEN, followed by a Black watercolor wash.

The legs were painted using JET BLACK, after masking.

The stockings are then lightly misted with BURNT SIENNA.

MEDIUM AFRICAN FLESH sprayed across folds for highlights.

A little TRANSPARENT BURNT SIENNA then TRANSPARENT JET BLACK were used to slightly darken and unify color.

The bottom edge of shorts were pained with RICH BROWN to create the fold.

For the straps, equal mix of NATURAL BONE, MEDIUM AFRICAN FLESH, and OLIVE GREEN were brushed on.

A medium Brown watercolor wash was applied to enhance the texture.

Pastels were then used to add shading under top edge.

The boots were based in DARK BROWN.

A 2/1 mix of DARK BROWN and LEATHER TAN was used as the fill color, and straight LEATHER TAN was used to highlight.

A 2/1 mix of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics Raw Sienna and Yellow Oxide was dry brushed.

TRANSPARENT LEATHER TAN, then SEPIA were used to adjust the color.

Pastels added color variations to sections.


The high lights were punched up with YELLOW OCHRE SEMI TRANSPARENT.

Black watercolor was used in the seams, and the Buckles are mixes of PEARL BLACK and METALLIC SILVER.

PEARL BLACK base was sprayed on the weapons.

A PEARL BLACK and METALLIC SILVER mix was used for highlights.

Fingers are based using MARS RED and gloves using DARK BROWN.

The colors and build up on fingers are the same as the other skin tones, and the glove build up and colors are the same as on the boots.

The bracelet bead work was individually brushed on, after using JET BLACK as a base.

Hand weapon detail and Sidearm detail.

Holster and straps use the same colors and build up as the boots.

The weapons are combination of PEARL BLACK and METALLIC SILVER, using mixes of various values with a bit of dry-brushing for effect.

Purple Brick Road: Since the Denizens of Zo is a backward universe of Oz, Jesse wanted a Purple Brick Road, as Purple is the opposite color on the Color Wheel of yellow. So, the goal here was to create the look of yellow bricks painted purple.

Various shades of yellow were spattered on using a toothbrush over a SPICE TAN base.

Brown pastels worked into recesses and on tops of some bricks.

Lightly dry brushed with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Cadmium Yellow Medium.

The base in then sealed with several applications of Dull Cote.

The base Purple was a 4/2/1 mix of DEEP VIOLET, PURE WHITE, and TRUE RED.

A lighter value of the same colors in a 2/2/1 ratio was applied next.

After drying, the color was lightly buffed with fine steel wool to wear through the purple and allow the yellow beneath to show through.

The purple was applied with a small roller made from foam, a nail, several washers, a nut, and some masking tape.

Because yellow and purple are opposites they neutralize each other and appear as brown from some angles.

Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Brilliant Purple was dry brushed randomly, but especially around the boot location to better separate the colors.

Some Woodland Scenics ground cover was painted and dry brushed using various grays.


TIE IN BROWN base on basket

MEDIUM AFRICAN FLESH sprayed at a downward angle for fill color

YELLOW OCHRE sprayed from all sides to catch the raised portions of basket.

Mix of LSBA White, Yellow, and Sandalwood dry brushed.

Brown and orange pastels used in the recesses.

Dark Brown WC wash used over basket then wiped clean.

Cloth cover brushed LSBA French Gray as a base color.

PURE WHITE was airbrushed for the fill and highlight.

Lastly blue pastels were worked into folds for shading

Toto is based with PUN 13 BLACK.
DARK AFRICAN FLESH was used as a fill color and MEDIUM AFRICAN FLESH provided highlights.

A light misting of CHESTNUT was used to adjust the tone and TRANSPARENT BURNT SIENNA was added to the shadow areas.

A mix of LSBA Yellow and Raw Sienna was dry-brushed to highlight the texture.

The lower portion of irises were done with brown over PUN13 BLACK eyes.

Pinks were used on the tongue and the nose painted black.

Once painted, all parts were sealed with Dull Cote.

FLAT TOPCOAT sprayed over all.
GarageKits.US Colors Gloss was used to gloss DottyÂÂÂÂ’s eyes, lips, bracelet, and TotoÂÂÂÂ’s eyes, nose, and tongue.

Kit was then assembled with 5 minute epoxy.



  • Skin tones: Mars Red, Leather Tan, GK Flesh Semi Transparent, Transparent Pale Flesh, Virgin Flesh Semi Transparent, Gold Toner, Sepia, Transparent Vivid Orange, Transparent Nicotine Yellow
  • Face: Gravestone Gray, Denim Blue, Mars Red, True Red, GK Flesh
  • Hair: Dark Brown, Medium African Flesh, Chestnut


  • Blouse: Natural Bone, Pure White, Spice Tan, Toffee Brown
  • Body Shirt: Tie in Brown, Rich Brown, Olive Green, Transparent Rich Brown, Transparent Black Green
  • Stockings: Jet Black, Transparent Burnt Sienna, Medium African Flesh
  • Shorts: Rich Brown
  • Leather: Dark Brown, Leather Tan, Transparent Leather Tan, Sepia, Medium African Flesh Semi Transparent, Yellow Ochre Semi Transparent, Transparent Cocoa Brown
  • Straps: Natural Bone, Medium African Flesh, Olive Green
  • Weapons and metallics: Black Pearl, Metallic Silver
  • Base: Spice Tan, Yellow Ochre, Bright Yellow, Pure White, Deep Violet, True Red
  • Toto and basket: Medium African Flesh, Bone White, Yellow Ochre, Pun 13 Black, Dark African Flesh, Chestnut, Transparent Burnt Sienna Flat Topcoat
  • WC = Watercolor. Water based colors that can be applied but easily wiped clean with water. Must be sealed before working over the area and when finished.
  • LSBA = Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics. A heavier body paint that works well for brush applications and dry brush.