• The kit was cleaned; all pieces were test fitted to make sure all joints aligned properly.
  • Some minor aves work was necessary to achieve this.
  • Please note, it is necessary to attach the dress fringe and hair strands prior to painting.
  • Colors were chosen to match the original artwork.
  • Garage kits flat coat was used to seal before and after applying watercolors and pastels.

Kit is primed with Rust/Brick colored primer, MARS RED is applied to recesses to create natural shadows.


Basic skin values were created using Bambi Brown,and an equal mix of GK Semi-Transparent Flesh and Bright Flesh (2).



More highlights were added using GK Semi-Transparent Pale Flesh; tone adjustment was achieved using a misting of Sepia (3).


Further tone adjustments were created using Semi-Transparent Virgin Flesh and Chestnut (4).



Pastel work was used for color enhancement. Color adjustment was achieved using Transparent Bright Flesh, Transparent Amber Oxide, and Transparent Vivid Orange.
Semi-Transparent Pale Flesh was used for the final highlight (5).


Sclera base was created using Gravestone Gray and a pinch of Denim Blue for the recesses of the eyes, and then highlighted again using straight Gravestone Gray.
Black watercolor was used to paint the base for the eyebrows.
Philtrum highlight was created using a combination of Burnt Sienna watercolor lightened with white watercolor mixed together (6).


Iris placement and hair edging black was created using black watercolors.
Lip base was created using a mix of Mars Red and True Red (7).


The Mars Red and True Red mix was then lightened with Bronze Flesh, which was used to lighten the center of the lips.
Eyelids were edged with Pink watercolor, and the iris base was created using Medium African Flesh (8).


Watercolor were used for the detail work on the eyebrows, eyelashes, iris highlight, striations, and sclera highlight.
After the above was finished, the hair base was done using Jet Black (9).


Black watercolor edging was applied to the jewelry and clothing (10).


Clothing was based using Jet Black, then filled using Midnight Blue. After which Denim blue was used as a highlight.
Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Brilliant Blue was then dry brushed to enhance texture and highlight the ridges (11).


Trim work was all hand brushed with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic.
A Black watercolor wash was then applied to trim, allowed to dry, and then wiped clean with damp cloth.
Additional black watercolor details were then hand brushed (12).


Purple lacing was brushed on using different values of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic purples (13).


Jewelry was done with Golden Acrylic metallics. Rivets and eyelets with metallic watercolors (14).


the boots were base coated using Jet Black, and then oversprayed using Dark African Flesh to fill, leaving dark shadows in the creases (15).


Highlights were added using Yellow Ochre, and dry brushed with Yellow Ochre Liquitex Soft body Acrylics.
Transparent Burnt Sienna and Chestnut were used to adjust color.
Pastels and Transparent Jet Black misting was applied to darken shadows (16).


Boot straps were painted using Liquitex Soft body Acrylics Raw Sienna/Burnt Umber mix.
Eyelets and buckles were done with metallic watercolors.
Laces Liquitex Soft body Acrylics Burnt Sienna, and finally a black watercolor wash was used to enhance details (17).


Silly Putty was used to mask the nylons.
Transparent Smoke and Transparent PayneÂÂÂÂ’s Gray was lightly misted over the legs to created the nylon effect.
The tops of the nylons were then masked and the same colors were used to create the tops of the nylons using heavier applications (18).


Black watercolor outline and edging were painted on the jewelry and glove edges (19).



Rich Brown was used to base the gloves, after which black pastels were used for shading.
Chestnut was misted along with Transparent Raw Umber and Transparent Jet Black (20).


The glove was then dry brushed, edged, and outlined using Liquitex Soft body Acrylics Raw Sienna and highlighted further with Yellow ochre for the cords.
Equal part os Metallic Pearl Black / Silver Metallic were used on the gears and charms, after which a light Black watercolor wash was applied for details.
Liquitex Soft body Acrylics gold and silver were applied for the chain highlights (21).


A Jet Black base was used on the underside of the dress and then Midnight Blue was used to fill (22).


Dress assembled, patched, blended and refined over finished legs (23).


In my haste to get painting I neglected to attach the dress trim, a syringe used to precisely apply modeling paste, then a wet brush was used to gently smooth and blend.
NOTE: Attach this part before assembling dress (24).


The dress was based with Jet Black; Midnight Blue was used to fill making sure to leave touches of black still visible for shadows.
Midnight Blue lightened with Denim Blue was then used to highlight (25).


Two widths of painters tape were carefully applied to create the stripe pattern on the dress
An equal mix of Midnight Blue and Denim Blue was then lightly misted overall. Denim Blue with an equal mix of Future Floor Waxwas used to finish the highlight.
The goal was to keep the pattern subtle, because a bolder one would make any inaccuracies or variations more obvious (26).


The paint and Future Floor Wax was allowed to dry for about an hour, then the tape was carefully removed revealing the subtle stripes (27).


The dress trim was painted using Lquitex Soft Body Acylic Violet, and Purple was used for edging (28).


The belts were edged and outlined using black watercolor; then Silly Putty was used to mask (29).


Rich Brown was used to base the belts; Leather Tan was applied as a highlight, after which pastel browns were used for additional shading.
Transparent Dark Brown was misted over all to blend the colors. Silly Putty was then removed (30).


Black watercolor was applied on details.
Yellow Ochre was used to create wear marks.
Golden Metallic Acrylics were brushed on the belt buckles and metallic attachments (31).


 Jet Black was used to base the hair.
NOTE: Attach extra hair strands before painting head as shown here (32).


Layered Dark African Flesh and Burnt Sienna are applied making sure to leave black in the recesses to create natural shadows. Red Oxide was then used to highlight.
Liqutex Soft Body Acrylic Red Oxide was dry brushed for further highlights, after which pastels were used for shading (33).


Floor of base was coated in gray primer; a Neutral Gray fill was then applied and Semi Transparent Pure White was used to highlight the tile centers (34).


PainterÂÂÂÂ’s tape and Silly Putty was used to mask alternating tiles.
A mixture of Frost Blue and Semi-Transparent Pure White was sprayed overall; Pure White was used to add highlight to centers (35).


After allowing to dry,the Masks were removed (36).


Corner tiles were carefully hand painted using Jet Black and Neutral Gray, and a Black watercolor outline was applied to the grout lines (37).


The leaves were then hand brushed using dark browns (38).


The swirling leaves were painted using a Dark Brown base, Medium African Flesh, Leather Tan, and Bambi Brown. Pastels and Transparent Burnt Sienna were misted from below (39).


The stairs based using Tie in Brown, then a fill color of Dark Green with a little Aged Bone was applied (40).


Painter’s tape was used to mask as shown (41).


The stair tops were painted using a mix of Jet Black, Dark Green, and Aged Bone.
Pastels and black watercolor were applied around the gears to make them stand out.
Leaves were painted using a Dark Brown base, with Orange over coats; a Black watercolor wash was applied (42).


Railing base was painted using Citadel Colors Tin Bitz (43).


Tape was used to mask of sections and then a Metallic Gold was airbrushed as a highlight.
Black pastel shadows added; the railings were then painted using Jet Black. Dark Olive was used for base edging.
Clear Satin finish was then applied (44).


Completed base (45).


Turning pages must be assembled but kept separate from the book.
A piece of Press and Seal was applied over book spine.
Epoxy was used to join the pages held in place with rubber bands while drying.
Aves was then applied to fill minor gaps and provide a precise fit (46).


Book cover based using Mars Red, then dry brushed with Liquitex Soft Body Acylics

Cadmium Red Medium (47).


After sealing and allowing suitable drying time, a Black watercolor wash was used to stain the edging on the outer panels of the book. Red watercolor highlights and Gold enamel trim were then applied as shown (48).


An internet search was done for images related to spells and witchcraft. The selected photos were then combined, altered, and colored in Photoshop and printed to scale as decals and applied to book pages.
Decals must be trimmed to fit. Some were cut into segments and applied in overlapping layers.


Pages based using Natural Bone. The decals were then applied, A Q-Tip was used to blend edges, and pastels were brushed on to age and discolor (50).


The glowing effect on the hand was achieved using a mix of Semi-Transparnt Pale Flesh and Semi-Transparent Pure White.
The book glow was done using Semi-Transparent Pure White and then a light coat of Transparent Bright Yellow.
The Clear resin rod, which is provided with each kit is used to support the book in hand. The receiving holes in both were deepened for stronger bonds (51).


Metallic watercolor was dry brushed over the gears for a slight metallic sheen. Watercolor was used because errors could easily be removed (52).



  • Transparent Bright Flesh
  • Semi-Transparent Pale Flesh
  • Semi-Transparent Virgin Flesh
  • Bright Flesh
  • GK Flesh
  • Bronze Flesh
  • Dark African Flesh
  • Medium African Flesh
  • True Red
  • Mars Red
  • Red Oxide
  • Bright Yellow
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Dark Olive
  • Dark Green
  • Frost Blue
  • Denim Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Bambi Brown
  • Sepia
  • Chestnut
  • Tie in Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Aged Bone
  • Natural Bone
  • Gravestone Gray
  • Neutral Gray
  • Jet Black
  • Transparent Amber oxide
  • Transparent Vivid Orange
  • Transparent Raw Umber
  • Transparent Burnt Sienna
  • Transparent Dark Brown
  • Transparent Jet Black
  • Transparent PayneÂÂ’s Gray
  • Semi-Transparent Pure White
  • Silver Metallic
  • Gold Metallic
  • Pearl Black