The Lion, being from the Ruby City, is appropriately adorned with many rubies.
Most of the resin jewels in the sculpt were removed and replaced with rhinestones. Shapes were cut away and the area was refined (1).


A special tool was needed to accomplish this.
A small sanding disc was made from a shortened 4D, 1.5 inch bright common nail. A 1/4 inch hole punch was used to cut a small circles of fine grade sandpaper.
These were attached to the nail head with 3M Double Sided Foam Tape. This small sanding disc was used in a Dremel Stylus to clean up the very tight and small areas (2).


The entire figure was based with rust color primer.
Dark African Flesh was airbrushed into the undersides and into recesses to create shadows (3).


A 2/1 mix of Toffee Brown and Yellow Ochre was sprayed overall (4).



A light misting of Raw Sienna was followed with semi-transparent (ST) Natural Bone (5).


Transparent (T) Amber Oxide was used to adjust color. A 2/1 mix of Natural Bone and Spice Tan to lighten large areas (6).


Natural Bone was used to highlight, then toned down with a mist of T Leather Tan followed by mist of Sepia (7).


Pastels were used to enhance shadows.
A highlight of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic (LSBA) was dry brushed to bring out the texture of the fur.
A final highlight was done using ST Bone White (8).


The torso portion of the body was then masked with Silly Putty, and the mane was based with Dark Brown, filled with Medium African Flesh, then highlighted with Spice Tan (9).


Chestnut then T Leather Tan was used to adjust color. A mix of Natural Bone and Spice Tan used to highlight.
Note: Silly Putty was removed to check mane color with body (10).


Silly Putty was then applied to mask over the mane, except for portion surrounding face.
T Vivid Orange, Natural Bone, then Bone White used to lighten area (11).


All masking was then removed to expose entire mane.
T Amber Oxide, T Leather Tan, Chestnut and T Vivid Orange were all used to add richness to the overall color.
Watercolor washes were used to enhance texture along with some LSBA dry brush work (12).


A Jet Black base was applied to the leather straps on the legs. (13).


A 2/1 mix of Dark Brown and Leather Tan based was then applied, and a Leather Tan was used as a fill color.
LSBA Raw Sienna then Yellow Ochre dry brushed for additional texture. (14).


Pastels were work used for highlights, then a mist of T Burnt Sienna was used to blend all the colors together (15).


The Paws were masked using Silly Putty to expose only the claws, which were based in Medium African Flesh then Natural Bone was used as a highlight (16).


Ivory White used to highlight the tips, then a light mist of Nicotine Yellow was used for shading.
T Leather Tan and Natural Bone were used for veining (17).


Inner mouth based with equal mix of Tongue and Red Oxide.
Tongue used as fill then lightened with Ivory White to highlight.
the lips were edged using Jet Black and black pastel to soften.
Pastels were also used to add shading.
The teeth are based using Natural Bone, then Ivory White highlight.
A Burnt Sienna WC stain was applied over teeth.
Highlights touched up.
An oil stain was then used to discolor teeth (18).


The face was based using the previously described body colors ... see steps 3 through 11 ... (19).



Some pastels were worked in to enhance shading and color.
The only way I felt I could achieve the desired detailing on the face was to use oils.
Oils were thinned with turpenoid, applied and blended with fine brushes (20).


The trunks based entirely with Jet Black.
LSBA Raw Umber then Raw Sienna dry brushed.
Various grays dry brushed on trim.
Silly Putty was used to mask around laces then dry brushed a dark green.
A medium green then a highlight green were hand brushed over the laces (21).


Denim Blue base on belt.
T Leather Tan applied over the blue then a black WC wash.
Rich Brown brushed onto straps.
Pastel used to shade straps (22).

#23 #24 #25

A variety of metallics were used on the belt.
Lowest level on front and back were based Metallic Bronze.
Gold areas based Metallic Deep Gold or Metallic Copper, then highlighted with Gold Pearl.
Silver areas based with Metallic Silver mixed with a little Jet Black, highlight Silver Metallic.
Brush painted details were done with Golden Brand metallics. Brunt Sienna oil paint was used to glaze shading on the bronze and gold.
Alclad Chrome used on relief face.
Rub'n Buff silver applied over the facing lion shapes (23, 24, 25).


The wrist wrap was painted using the same techniques and colors as the belt.
The laces used the same techniques and colors as the trunks.
Burnt Sienna strap base. Burnt Sienna / Leather Tan 2/1 mix then Leather Tan fill color. Yellow Ochre highlights (26).


All the armor was based using Jet Black.
An equal mix of Metallic Silver / Jet Black was used as a fill color.
A 3/1 mix of Metallic Silver / Jet Black was used to highlight (27).


The shoulder armor relief was based using Jet Black (28).


A Silly Putty mask was then applied as shown (29).


And equal mix of Metallic Copper / Metallic Deep Gold was applied.
Metallic Deep Gold washed to fill.
Gold Pearl was used to highlight (30).


Both swords were based entirely using Metallic Silver (31).


After sealing, a black WC wash applied.
When dry, the swords were gently wiped using damp cloth, being careful not to remove black from recesses (32).


Both were then sealed with Krylon Clear Gloss acrylic to seal.
Rub n Buff Silver delicately applied with soft cloth to surface of sword, and gently buffed.
Oil paint used to add shading to the lion face.
It did not seem logical that a ruby would be on the blade. Therefore, the faceted stone was finished to match the cross guard with Alclad Polished Brass (33).


T Raw Umber, T Smoke, and T Jet Black were dabbed unevenly over the armor.
Some black and burnt sienna oil paints were used to shade.
Rub n Buff Silver used on edges.
Decorative trim brushed gold.
Black WC wash over gold to enhance detail.
Sprayed with Krylov Clear Gloss.
Face relief painted with Alclad Chrome.
Rub n Buff Silver used on edges.
Swarovski Crystals were then glued on replacing the removed resin ones.
Other brands of crystals were used for the large round and tear drop shapes (34).


The base was sprayed entirely using Jet Black then a Dark Brown fill was applied (35).


A toothbrush used to spatter Raw Sienna, Aged Bone, and Yellow Ochre (36)


A variety of greenish, brownish, grays were then dry brushed using LSBA (37).


The bricks were then brush painted using Raw Sienna and Spice Tan.
Silly Putty and plastic wrap mask to protect base while leaving the bricks exposed for painting (38).


A variety of mixed yellows were spattered over bricks.
Then sealed with several coats of Dullcote (39).


A 4/2/1 mix of Deep Violet/Pure White/True Red loosely brushed over brick tops.
A lighter value of same colors in 2/2/1 ratio applied next.
A damp cloth was lightly rubbed over bricks to remove some of the purple color and expose yellow beneath.
Finally, woodland scenics ground cover added (40).