Halloween Nightmares

The Bog Monster Tutorial

Written by Jim Capone.


Getting the pieces properly aligned and pinned is the first challenge. Four small pins up through the base position the pug. Two pins come up about a half inch into the heels of the pirate boots. A pin goes from the treat bag into the boys hands. The point of the bag the pug is pulling fits into a receiving hole in its mouth. A pin was put in the hand of the bog monster with a receiving hole drilled into the bag. Finally, the bottom of the manhole was enlarged a quarter inch all around about an eighth inch thick. A piece of illustration board was epoxied into the opening. A screw from beneath holds the bog monster in place. The pug is the only part actually glued into place. Everything else is held securely by the pins and locked when the bog monster is screwed into place (1).


Recesses filled and overall base color sprayed Dark African Flesh (2).


Fill color of Medium African Flesh not in recesses or undersides (3).


Medium Green and Yellow Ochre mix to the top and back(4).


Spice Tan to chest and underarms(5).


Natural Bone Semi Transparent (ST) to chest, gills and fins(6).


A mix of equal amounts Light Green and Bright Yellow to top of head, shoulders, and back (7).


Watercolor wash of 1 part Hookers Green and 2 parts Burnt Umber overall then wiped (8).


Yellow Ochre ST, then Natural Bone ST, followed by Golden Yellow (9).


Dry brush with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics (LSBA) light ochers. Dry brush LSBA light Bright Aqua Green and light Yellow Ochre (10).


Individual bumps brushed with various greens, browns, and light ochers (11).


Eyes based with Vivid Orange then Bright Yellow striations (12).


Mouth based in Jet Black. Mixes of Tongue and Mars Red were airbrushed, then lightened with Bone White. The same color was added to edges of eyes (13).


Black watercolor (WC) pupils. Transparent (T) Leather Tanaround eyes. Pinkish-brown WC wash over gills. Values of Yellow Ochre and Bone White brushed on teeth (14).



A scratch built wooden sword (not included as part of the kit) was added using mat board. The handle was wrapped with thread. A little sanding was done on the leg to better accommodate the sword. Aves was used to add the rope belt over the sword. Shirt based in Pale Blue then highlighted with Pure White. The pants with Jet Black then highlighted with Paynes Gray and a little Neutral Gray. The boots were based Dark Brown and highlighted with a Rich Brown / Leather Tan mix (15).


Flesh tones were done with Bronze Flesh, GK Flesh ST, Virgin Flesh, with pastel enhanced shading. Hair was based with Leather Tan and highlighted with Spice Tan and Bright Yellow. Various browns were used to brush a wood grain effect on the sword (16).



A skull and crossbones stencil was cut with frisket masking film and sprayed Pure White (17).


Black WC was used to add the details and clean the edges (18).



Entire piece based with a mix of Natural Bone and Neutral Gray (19).


The stomach and legs were sprayed a mix of Natural Bone and Pure White. Yellow Ochre and Pure White were mixed for the body. Pure White was lightly applied to the paws and a little Leather Tan T about the head (20).


Light African Flesh was used on the face and ears. Black pastel was used to darken the tips of the ears, around the eyes and mouth (21).


Pastels were used to dirty the paws and enhance 1he shading. Eyes were brushed with Orange, Bright Yellow, and Rich Brown. Tamiya Clear added gloss to the eyes, nose, and mouth. The pillow case/candy bag was sprayed mixes of Linen and Bone White with pastel enhancements (22).



Base coated with Jet Black then dry brushed. LSBA Raw Umber was used first, followed by a mix of Raw Umber and Raw Sienna, then Raw Sienna and French Blue Gray (23).


A toothbrush was used to spatter some black and gray for texture (24).


LSBA was used on the seaweed, and man-hole cover. The ooze was based with Jet Black, then lightened with Black Green and a mix of Black Green and a touch of Yellow Ochre (25).


Rub 'n Buff Silver Leaf (available at Micheal's or any Art Supply store) was lightly applied to the lid and rim (26).


The individual pieces and stacks of candy were painted white. A variety of LSBA vivid colors were used to meticulously paint each piece of candy. After sealing, a black watercolor wash was applied, allowed to dry, then carefully wiped clean with a damp cloth to separate the pieces (27).

Tamiya Clear over eyes, nails, and on the overflow ooze from the manhole. Gloss spray was lightly misted over the top of the Bog Monster for a slight sheen.